Production technology and characteristics of teflon strip

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Production technology and characteristics of teflon strip

Also known as sealing belt, anti-leakage belt. It is made of ptfe dispersion resin extruded and calendered in paste form without any additive. White, smooth surface, uniform texture, excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and self-viscosity, good fit, good sealing. Can be widely used for pure oxygen, gas, strong oxidant, strong corrosive medium and high temperature steam pipe thread mouth seal and pump, valve, equipment shape complex filling seal.

Ptfe raw tape has many excellent properties. Such as very low friction coefficient, non-viscous surface, wide range of temperature -180℃-260℃, excellent aging and chemical corrosion resistance and so on.

The expanded polytetrafluoroethylene raw material belt is made of 100% polytetrafluoroethylene. The expanded ptfe raw material belt has the characteristics of good toughness, high longitudinal strength and easy deformation in transverse direction. It is an ideal material for sealing discs and threads. It should not be used in contact with high concentrations of oxygen or liquid oxygen. Expanded ptfe raw material belt is mainly used for disc sealing and threaded mouth sealing.


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