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Common polymer materials such as ptfe, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (usually linear structure, source radiation effect such as electron accelerator into a mesh structure, the material will have a unique "memory effect", when heated expansion, cooling stereotypes of materials can be renewed contraction restore to the shape of the recovery. The memory properties of heat-shrinkable materials can be used to make heat-shrinkable pipes, films and special-shaped materials. The main characteristics are that heat-shrinkable materials are coated on the outer surface of objects, which can play the role of insulation, moisture-proof, sealing, protection and connection, etc. The radial shrinkage rate of shrinkage materials can reach 50%-80%. In a word, the thermal shrinkage of polymer is an artificial behavior, which is the crystallization of human science and technology development and wisdom, while the thermal shrinkage and cold swelling of small molecule is an individual creation of nature. Ptfe made of bar, pipe, film, bearing, gasket, valve and other different profiles and parts, widely used in machinery, chemical industry, aviation, electrical electronics, national defense industry, cutting-edge technology, medical and health and electrical insulation and other fields.


In our life, acid alkali resistant materials and solvent has a lot of, side ptfe also have the same function, not only can be high temperature resistant, its friction coefficient is low, can be used as lubrication operation, so what ptfe surface treatment method, small make up just to say to friends, the first is the high temperature melting method, is under the high temperature ptfe surface some morphological changes, embedded in some high surface energy, easy bonding material, after cooling will be formed on the surface of ptfe have modified layer made of dung, to know the bonding layer method is more suitable for outdoor use for a long time, but it is not easy to maintain Shape.

1. In the chemical industry, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances and aerospace and other areas of the economy are often used to four fluorine membrane, four fluorine membrane is an advantage to know more products, can bring a lot of help to our life, but also has some disadvantages, so what are the advantages and ptfe, small make up just to say to friends, first of all four fluorine membrane is can withstand maximum temperature range of 250 degrees,

2. That is to say, in addition to high temperature, the low temperature performance of the plate is also good, if the working temperature reduced to a white ninety-six degrees below zero, the product is also can keep five percent of the productivity, product mechanical toughness is more significant, in addition, climate resistance of ptfe sheet itself is also very imam, if the normal use of ptfe membrane, its resistance to ageing life is relatively long.

3. Then four fluorine membrane or shortcomings, there is no sticky flow state, there is not enough liquidity fill, so the processing and molding is relatively difficult, cannot adopt the general thermoplastic material forming method of manufacturing products, currently only by moulding and sintering, extrusion sintering processing methods, such as to make the shape of simple products. Ptfe as engineering plastics, can be made from teflon tubes, rods, belt, plate, film, etc.

4. Generally used in corrosion resistant pipelines, containers, pumps, valves and radar, high-frequency communication equipment, radio equipment, etc.

5. Dispersion liquid can be used as insulation dip of various materials and anticorrosive layer of metal, glass and pottery surface, etc. All kinds of ptfe rings, ptfe gaskets, ptfe packing roots are widely used in all kinds of anticorrosive pipeline flange sealing.

6. It can also be used for spinning, ptfe fiber -- fluoron (known as teflon in foreign trade). At present, all kinds of ptfe products have played a decisive role in the national economic fields such as chemical industry, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, military industry, aerospace, environmental protection and Bridges.

7. In the process of the pipe cleaning, often used to ptfe, ptfe has not only the role of clean water pipe can also be used as a lubricant, has the characteristics such as resistance to acid alkali resistance, so all kinds of teflon products on the market, and how can we identify the ptfe, small make up just to say to friends, the first thing to know ptfe plastic king, no special chemical reaction can be identified, in order to identify the existence of ptfe in industrial goods, often also can pyrolysis method for analysis.

8. The chemical property of ptfe is corrosion resistance, can withstand the molten alkali metals, fluoride medium is higher than 300 degrees, can become a strong alkali, strong oxidant and reducing agent, then there is insulation, teflon is not affected by the environment and the influence of frequency, the resistivity can reach a certain range, the relatively small dielectric loss, high breakdown voltage, the effect on the temperature change is not big, WenYu range, can use 190 degrees below zero, finally the surface of the ptfe is not sticky, known can adhesion to the surface of the solid material, is a kind of can minimum the surface of the solid material.


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