Does ptfe film wear during use

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In the use of ptfe film, pay attention to the die is often worn by the core, should be timely repair or replacement, otherwise it will affect the quality of extrusion.

The pushing machine insulation loads the blank into the barrel of the extruder for cold extrusion. In order to make the squeezing fibrosis even, the mold and cylinder should be properly heated. Generally, the mold temperature is controlled in the range of 50℃ ~ 60℃, and the cylinder temperature is 30 ℃ ~ 35℃.

If the gap is too small, the resin plexus mold flowing outward, by excessive shear, excessive macromolecular fibrosis, polytetrafluoroethylene film caused by the transverse strength is not enough, which is an important cause of longitudinal list, easy to cause the shaking of insulation wire and insulation internal crack phenomenon and insulation "casing" phenomenon.

On the other hand, if the gap is too large pressure increase, coating tight, smooth surface, but often because of this coating adhesion force is too big, resin from the mold to the outward flow, generally easy to cause the so-called "gourd" and wire core "pine" phenomenon. It is very important to control the pressure properly.


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