Can teflon be used in cable making

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Ptfe is very important to improve productivity and product quality. Generally speaking, resin which is easy to receive extruder has short curing time; Compression ratio of wide resin, suitable for all kinds of layout of the wire; In addition, ptfe insulation resin must satisfy all kinds of audit requirements of insulation function of wires and cables, such as voltage test, aging test and a series of routine tests.

In order to reduce the adhesive force during pushing, it should choose kerosene products that are easy to disperse, easy to be wetted by resin, and easy to volatilize and leave no residue after pushing and pressing. The volatilization temperature should be lower than the sintering temperature. The amount of booster should be based on the actual application environment, molding premise, as usual for 15% ~ 25% component. Common choice of gasoline, kerosene ether, paraffin oil, etc.

Colorant unrelated coloring material requirements, should be in ptfe sintering temperature and the maximum allowable temperature of wire and cable, with good heat stability, not differentiation, not fading; Not seriously affect the insulation of the function, especially on the insulation of the wire to small; And should have good coloring, brilliant, in ptfe powder evacuation of good, small migration, not purification mold characteristics.


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