Ptfe insulation performance is not a good stability

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Ptfe is very stable to arc action, and its arc resistance is usually greater than 300s. This is because in the high voltage surface discharge, will not cause short circuit due to carbonization, only decomposed into gas.

Even if exposed in the open air for a long time, polluted by dust and rain, it will not affect its insulation performance. However, due to the high electronegativity of fluorine atoms in ptfe, the electrons of 1 ~ 2Ev will dissociate it, so its corona resistance is not good.

Heat resisting polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) has quite high heat resisting and low temperature resisting properties. The heat resistance of ptfe is very high in existing engineering plastics. Ptfe will start to show trace decomposition at 200℃, but its decomposition rate is still very slow from 200℃ to the melting point above 327℃, which is almost negligible. Significant decomposition occurs only at 400℃, with a weight loss of approximately 0.01% per hour. The average molecular weight of polytetrafluoroethylene decreased and the crystallinity increased.


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