What machine parts can ptfe be used for

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Ptfe sealing fluid bags can be used in the food industry of microwave drying conveyor belt, such a thermal set of anti-sticking materials and because of the friction coefficient of ptfe material is solid materials inside the lowest known, all this makes production filled ptfe material can be oil free accessories machinery parts of the ideal material.

The specific USES in the range of use can be used in chemical production equipment, papermaking machinery, agricultural machinery bearing, can be made for piston ring, machine guide parts, guide ring equipment; It can also be widely used in civil and construction engineering, such as Bridges and tunnels, steel structure roof frames and large chemical pipelines, which are used in storage tank support blocks, bridge supports and bridge turnstiles.

If you want to be applied in the electronic equipment of low loss and dielectric constant of ptfe inherent can make it to be used in wire and cable is one of the ideal insulation material: can be made into unique porous structure so that we can make the loss and distortion minimum and can make the signal to travel at nearly the speed of light, at the time of use also has a thermal stability and mechanical flexibility. If ptfe in use can also reduce the overall interconnect size and weight, it can be a good filler material.


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