The extrusion process of ptfe plate

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The extrusion process of ptfe plate. Heating up is to put preforming by room temperature and extrusion is to add ptfe resin material in the cavity pressure of extruder, crowded entry mode to make it form dense pipes, bars and other products, and then through sintering and cooling with certain specifications of the products, features can be continuous extrusion molding, mould pressing craft is continuous.

Pressure forming is also known as hydraulic pressure molding, such as used in the manufacture of large teflon plate sleeve, storage tank, hemisphere, great circle plate, pillar, circular tube and shell is used for cutting big pieces of sheet blank, billet, etc., also can make whole lining ptfe plate composite structure of three-way elbow, such as nozzle shape of complex products. Ptfe plate isopressive molding has the characteristics of simple equipment, fast production, simple structure and easy operation, uniform compression of products, good quality and saving resin.

Ptfe plate molding. Molding is the most commonly used method of ptfe plate. Some products with simple shapes, such as plate, bar, sleeve, film blank, backing plate, etc., can be molded. The molding method basically consists of four steps: mixing, preforming, sintering and cooling. That is, at room temperature, ptfe is formed into a compact pre-formed product, heated to the melting point above, so that it changes from crystalline phase to amorphous phase, forming a dense, continuous, transparent elastomer, in the process of cooling into crystalline phase. The sintering process of ptfe consists of three stages: heating, heat preservation and cooling.


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