Where can filled ptfe bearings be used

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1. Filled ptfe bearing, used in food, chemical, paper making and textile machinery;

2. Porous copper impregnated fluoroplastic metal bearing, which can be used normally under high temperature, high pressure, dry friction and vacuum conditions;

3. Bearing lining made of ptfe fiber and glass fiber or other fiber blended composite fabric for low-speed and high-load bearing;

4. Fill ptfe piston ring, guide ring, machine guide rail and bridge slider;

Insulation class:

1. C-class insulation materials for wires and cables;

2. Jacket for stator and rotor water inlet pipe and thermocouple of double-water turbine generator;

3. Microwave insulation materials for high-frequency and uhf communication equipment and radar;

4. Printed line subgrade board and insulation materials for motors and transformers (including gas transformers);

5. Insulation materials for air conditioning, electronic furnace, various heaters and sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers;

Vi. Anti-adhesion:

1. Polytetrafluoroethylene glass cloth coating layer on the hot roller of sizing machine -- can avoid the adhesion of chemical sizing material and greatly improve the production rate and the quality of grey cloth;

2. Microwave drying conveyor belt for food industry -- compared with other materials, it has no microwave energy absorption, and non-sticky materials have advantages of electricity saving and cleaning. Turbine pump internal seals; Polytetrafluoroethylene and rubber composite seal ring; Retractable mechanical seal with bellows.


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