Adhesion of ptfe plate to stainless steel

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PTFE is widely used in many industries such as chemical industry, machinery, electronics, electrical, aviation, aerospace, environmental protection and automobile. However, ptfe has a very low surface activity, which leads to ptfe products can hardly be bonded, which limits its application. We usually use surface activation treatment to bond ptfe products. The commonly used surface activation treatment methods can be divided into chemical method and physical method. Chemical method mainly refers to the alkali metal-aromatic hydrocarbon thick-cyclic compound or ether solution, such as sodium - naphthalene tetrahydrofuran complex solution, which is an activation treatment solution. The physical methods include irradiation, melting and low temperature plasma. In practical application, it is found that the sodium - naphthalene tetrahydrofuran complex solution method in the chemical method has the best activation effect, mainly reflected in two aspects: 1. (2) activation depth is large, the formation of high activity of the earth yellow or brown layer can reach dozens of micron thickness, which is very beneficial to the actual bonding and subsequent use. In addition, treating the surface of PTFE products with surface roughness before activation, such as sandpaper grinding and slight sandblasting, can improve the actual activated surface area more effectively, thus obtaining the activated surface of PTFE with good adhesion performance. The surface of activated ptfe products can be bonded by epoxy, phenolic and other adhesives with metal, ceramic and other materials. Different from the adhesion of ordinary materials, this adhesion depends on the size of PTFE surface activity, especially the degree of retention of this surface activity at high temperature has an extremely important influence on the practical application of PTFE adhesion.

The tetrafluoron plate keeps close to the stainless steel plate. We usually contact with ptfe products has board of ptfe, ptfe pipe, ptfe rods, ptfe membrane, ptfe seals or irregular shapes and packing, etc., but especially in the teflon ptfe products plank dosage the biggest, including turning plate, and surface modification treatment is given priority to with teflon plate, there is also a part of ptfe membrane for surface treatment. The following is about a PTFE/stainless steel composite sliding bracket component used in a certain type of aero-engine. Generally, we sandblast the stainless steel surface in advance, so that the bonding effect will be greatly improved. This part is made by bonding PTFE Plate activated by sodium - naphthalene tetrahydrofuran complex solution with stainless steel parts by epoxy adhesive. This part is often in a working environment with a temperature of up to 200℃. Therefore, it is very necessary to study the temperature resistance of PTFE Plate/stainless steel bonded by epoxy adhesive. To this end, three kinds of pure PTFE plates provided by lanzhou institute of chemical physics, Shanghai institute of plastics and deqing new polyfluorochemicals co., LTD. Were selected. All of them were activated by sodium naphthalene complex solution. In addition, pure PTFE has two major disadvantages: cold flow and non-wear-resisting. The addition of polystyrene to PTFE will greatly improve the mechanical properties of the composite, reduce the weight of the composite, and greatly reduce the density. However, when the sintering temperature increases, the mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and compression strength, will be improved. However, too high temperature will cause ptfe molecules to run out of the composite material, which will lead to the increase of filler content in the material, so that ptfe will reduce the bonding effect on the filling material inside, and make the composite easy to fall off, resulting in poor wear resistance.


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