Filling modification of ptfe materials

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Ptfe has low coefficient of friction, chemical stability and thermal stability is good wait for an advantage, due to the low surface energy, form the transfer of film adhesion on the dual pieces is poorer, the pure ptfe products as a friction material, characterized by wear resistance, poor mechanical properties, creep, ptfe use conditions and different requirements in various fields. For engineering requirements of the filled ptfe and mechanical and physical performance is different also, so in important areas of application of ptfe material modification treatment, make up the own shortcomings, improve the comprehensive performance of ptfe, have important meaning, ptfe modified treatment usually adopt surface modification, filling modification or hybrid method.

The research on modification technology of PTFE sealing material abroad began in the 1970s, which is the earliest method of filling modification. By adding filler into PTFE, the defects of pure PTFE are improved and overcome, and the performance is improved. In 1979, the second plastic factory of deqing new city was the predecessor of deqing new duoling fluorine chemical co., LTD., and it began to produce pure ptfe seal products since then. Although ptfe had some shortcomings, it was a new special material at that time, which solved many problems in industrial use.

After many years of production, the company needs to move from the former deqing county new town to the present new county town for development, and renamed as sino-foreign joint venture deqing new duoling fluorine chemical co., LTD. Then we started to develop all kinds of ptfe filling products. At present, the commonly used modified materials are glass fiber, graphite, molybdenum disulfide and other inorganic materials, iron, copper, silver and other metal materials, as well as polyphenyl ester, polyimide and other organic polymers. Adding filler material is in order to improve the creep properties of ptfe and abrasion resistance and other properties, with graphite, molybdenum disulfide, glass fiber, carbon fiber, polyphenyl ester as the main filler material filling modification of ptfe, main use: ptfe gasket, ptfe seat, ptfe seals, ptfe bearing, ptfe sliding block, ptfe anti-static plate, ptfe piston ring, etc.

Suspension polytetrafluoroethylene resin is mixed with various filling agents to form filling polytetrafluoroethylene resin. Various fillers suitable for mixing with ptfe include glass fiber, carbon fiber, tin bronze (such as graphite, molybdenum disulfide) and so on, which have been widely used in mass production. Compared with pure ptfe, ptfe filled ptfe has the advantages of higher compression strength, abrasion resistance, good thermal conductivity and less thermal expansion.

Various materials play different roles in ptfe. For example, glass fiber can improve the compression strength, hardness and thermomechanical bending property of composites, but the tensile strength, impact strength and thermomechanical property decrease, and the composite shows brittleness. Carbon fiber increases tensile strength, hardness, thermomechanical properties and compression strength, but its impact strength decreases. Graphite can improve the compression strength, lubrication and thermal mechanical properties of materials, but the tensile strength, hardness and impact strength are reduced. If glass fiber, carbon fiber and graphite are mixed together, the compression strength, tensile strength, hardness and thermomechanical properties of the composite materials are improved, but the impact strength decreases, that is, the friction and wear properties, mechanical and mechanical properties and thermomechanical properties are better improved.

So choose suitable for composite materials is very important, must be taken into consideration when choosing packing and packing and the compatibility of pure ptfe, including both differences in polarity, filling material and the teflon surface tension of different thermal expansion coefficient and two kinds of materials produced by the internal stress problem, select material also to its own mineral resources in China, developed a unique filler material. Ptfe is widely used in compressor: piston ring, guide ring, throttle ring, packing ring, etc. In the pump and kettle industry, the production of bearing, shaft sleeve, static and static sealing ring; In the valve can make seat, packing or gasket, etc. In the motor industry can be produced bearing, bearing sleeve and side sealing ring, etc. In the automobile industry can be processed into crankshaft oil seal, sealing ring, gasket, oil pad; Used in construction machinery as elastic sealing ring, grid to ring, dust ring; Can also be used in machine tool guide rail wear resistant soft belt; It can also be used as stern shaft sealing ring on ships. It is widely used in construction industry such as bridge, steel roof frame, chemical pipeline, etc.


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