Teflon directional film customization

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We know that ptfe film and other plastic film production is different, processing technology is different, ptfe film has high insulation, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and aging resistance characteristics. Tetrafluoroethylene film is obtained through turning, is made of suspended polytetrafluoroethylene resin by molding into tubular blank, put in the oven for sintering, then cooling mature blank, and then turned by lathe or cutting machine, so many people are called polytetrafluoroethylene turning film. PTFE turning film should be rolled flat, the end face is neat, the film surface should not have creases, cracks, holes, mechanical damage and other defects that affect the use requirements. The thickness tolerance shall meet the professional standard of ministry of light industry qb4876-2015.

Ptfe film car is a non-directional film, the surface is a little dark, which is the same as the ptfe turning plate. In order to make turning film molecules more compact, enhance its pressure resistance, and make turning film thickness more uniform. We pass the calendered method, the turning film is reprocessed, the production becomes the directional film, the calendered film molecular structure is compact, the compression strength increases, the surface is clean and crisp, the appearance is more flat, high density, translucent, or transparent. The thickness of the film produced by the car is generally thicker, through the calendering can also get thinner products, calendering process deviation will cause the film thickness uneven phenomenon, non-directional film by calendering 1.1-1.8 times for semi-directional film. Main USES: teflon film oriented film used for manufacturing capacitors; Semi-directional film used for conductor insulation; The non-directional film is used for insulation of electric instrument wiring or as sealing gasket material, also can be used for material of debonding and demodulating, high frequency heating cable, aerospace and other military industry temperature resistance wire, communication wire and cable and other high-tech and cutting-edge technology.

There are many specifications of PTFE directional film. According to the specification requirements, it is necessary to produce a good turning film in order to conduct the directional calendering. The thickness of the calendering time should not be too thick, otherwise the thickness cannot be reached by pressing down. If the turning film is too thin, and does not play the role of calender orientation, in addition, and the temperature control of the calender is also a very important factor, tetrafluoride turning film only in a certain temperature range, easy to operate and ensure the quality. Maintain parallel between two rollers to ensure uniform thickness of directional film.

Teflon film should be packed reliably during transportation to prevent damage, impact, extrusion, sunlight and rain. The products should be kept in a clean warehouse free from extrusion and direct sunlight. Pure polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) has a pure white appearance and is easy to absorb colored substances, which will affect the appearance and increase the amount of wiping test. Therefore, it needs to be sealed and disposed of.


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