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Teflon products have a property called non-viscosity, it has inertia, pure teflon products don't stick to anything, so why do we often see teflon sitting there and still getting dirty? How do we clean it? First of all, we know that pure ptfe is made of 100% ptfe resin, the resin is pure white, so the product is pure white. Usually raw material manufacturers are manufacturers with a certain scale, its resin is strictly tested, we should rest assured that use. However, due to the links of raw material production, packaging and transportation, product production environment, mold cleaning, operation, processing and storage, and it is true that many factories have limited conditions at present, we cannot guarantee that impurities, grease and other dirty things will be mixed or adhered to carelessly. Moreover, ptfe products have strong electrostatic adsorption. If you do not package and cover the finished products, impurities such as ash layer can easily be attached to them. Most of the ptfe products stored in the warehouse are not dustfree. After being stored for a certain period of time, there will still be ash layer or other things attached to them, which will affect the appearance. If the product mixed in, of course, the need for strict inspection of raw materials, and the operation of the work table, workshop, mold cleaning and other necessary places and work pieces before or after each start or finish to wipe clean, do a good job of cleaning and sanitation. How do you clean ptfe if it gets dirty? Here are eight tips on how to clean ptfe.

1, ptfe products if dirty can not use a rough cloth to wipe, because ptfe hardness is low, wear resistance is general, rub for a long time will have scratches and become rough, affect the appearance;

Second, use cotton, velvet or soft cloth dipped in some washing powder or water patiently wipe, do not use acid or alkali such irritating solution, because they have volatile, easy to choking, and harm to people;

Three, for the tetrafluoron board rubbing test in addition to cleaning powder, washing powder, detergent and other cleaning, and then use clean water, there are many manufacturers also use polishing machine surface cleaning, the effect is ideal;

Iv. If there is any impurity on the surface of the product, the teflon product is relatively soft without affecting the use. We can also use a small blade to gently scrape away the impurity.

Five, if the impact of surface use, you can also car skin, size reduction, but the internal material will not change;

Six, once there is oil on the surface of the product, can choose to use gasoline, acetone and alcohol and other organic solvents to rub test;

Seven, if it is a small part, such as a small gasket washer, can be put in a frosted mixer, rotating for a period of time dirty surface will be very clean, is also a good way to remove burrs;

Eight, if it is the experiment beaker, bottle container lining and so dirty, that only put a small amount of dilute acid to remove.


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