PTFE lining products

(One) Steel lined PTFE push (squeeze) press straight pipe

l Firstly, high-performance PTFE powder is used to push (squeeze) and press the tube, and the surface is chemically treated. Then, the tube is lined into seamless steel tube (the outer diameter of the liner is slightly larger than the inner diameter of the steel tube 1-1.5mm) to form a tight liner without clearance. In order to eliminate the stress, it is put in the furnace, heated to 180℃ for constant temperature treatment, so that it can be used in the temperature below 180℃. At the same time, the axial tensile strength of push (squeeze) pressure pipe is better than that of wound pipe, which can be used in micro-negative pressure pipe.

1. Lining material: PTFE

2. Nominal diameter: DN20~DN500,1/2 "-20"

3. Production length: ≤4000mm

4. Applicable temperature: -20℃~180℃

5. Suitable medium: can transport any concentration of strong acid, strong alkali, organic solvent, strong oxidant, toxic and other corrosive medium.

(Two) Steel liner PTFE molding lining

1. Nominal diameter: DN25~DN600,1 "-24"

2. Production length: ≤2000mm

3. Applicable temperature: -20℃~180℃

4. Applicable medium: it can be used in the pipeline of any corrosive medium in the temperature range of -20℃~180℃ under the condition of full vacuum.

(Three) Steel lined PTFE straight pipe

1. Nominal diameter: dn10-600mm

2. Operating temperature: -20~180℃

3. Operating pressure: -0.09mpa - 1.6mpa

4. Steel pipe selection: international seamless steel pipe

5. Flange selection: plain welding flange is used for standard parts (refer to HG/ t20592-2009). HG, GB, JB, ANSI, JIS, BS, DIN and other standard flanges can be selected according to the needs of the user. In order to facilitate the installation of pipelines, the piston flange can be processed for the user (due to the lining process restrictions, it is generally plain welding ring loose flange).


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