Polytetrafluoroethylene filling material


Product Features


Types of fillers


Glass fiber

Good abrasion resistance.

Glass fiber+Graphite

Good cold flow resistance and abrasion resistance.

Glass fiber+Molybdenum disulfide

Good abrasion resistance, cold flow resistance and electrical insulation.


Early wear and friction coefficient is small, heat conductivity is good.


The abrasion resistance, hardness and compressive strength are improved, and the thermal conductivity is good.


Cold flow resistance and load characteristics under high temperature and high load are good.

Carbon fiber

Wear resistance in water, high temperature, high load characteristics and bending strength are good.


Note: In addition to the above-mentioned production of other fillers, please choose to use according to the purpose of use.





Purpose of the product


1. Used for insulation sheath, anti-corrosion pipeline, various corrosive environment of anti-corrosion insulation pipe.


2. Heat exchanger, lubrication bearings, piston rings, oil seals and sealing rings and other mechanical aspects; .


3. Used for anti-sticking materials related to buildings and guide rails.


4. Adding different filling materials to enhance the required performance according to customer requirements.





Product Specifications



Outside diameter (Mm)

Inner diameter (Mm)

Wall thickness (Mm)

Length (Mm)


Molded pipe




Extruded pipe

10 ~ 445

2 ~ 10

≥ 1000

Push pipe

0.3 ~ 40

0.1 ~ 5.0

≥ 1000


Remark: Because there are many corresponding mould combinations for making products, please discuss the specific purchase specifications separately.





Product Category


Molded pipe

The selected pipe is made by molding, which is divided into a pure material pipe and a filling pipe (colored pipe,

Copper powder tube, glass fiber tube, graphite tube, carbon fiber tube, carbon black tube, polybenzene tube, etc.

Extruded pipe

Suspended polytetrafluoroethylene resin is selected to be processed by plunger extrusion.

Push pipe

Imported disperse polymerized polytetrafluoroethylene resin was made by paste pressing.


Main technical indicators


Project Name


PurePTFE Indicators

Apparent density



Tensile strength


≥ 18

Elongation at break


≥ 230



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